Unique gifts for adult children


When your children are small, buying gifts is easy. Every toy store is overflowing with all kinds of items that would make them happy. Looking for unique gifts for adult children in their 20s is harder. I like to think about what would help them with their daily life, give them some enjoyment or contribute in some way towards their future. I also like to take their character into consideration – no-one knows your children as well as you do and this should help you when you select gifts for them. Sometimes you will end up buying them items that are far from conventional but that suit their personality or interests perfectly. This post does contain affiliate links and I make a small commission if you buy. My daughter and son were delighted when they received gifts similar to the ones I have selected here.

5 gifts under $100 for a daughter in her 20s

Budding chef

A complete herb garden indoor kitherb kit is great for an adult daughter who has recently moved into her own apartment.  The Planter Pro’s herb garden set comes complete with three premium Cedar mini planters, with blackboard on one side, seeds, a water resistant drip tray, a seed storage bag, compressed nutrient-rich soil and instructions! 

Quirky decor (and cookie!) collector

ceramic cookie jarYellow Beehive Design Ceramic Cookie Jar  makes the list because it is quirky and makes me smile. It’s a cheerful addition to any kitchen and you can fill it up with your daughter’s favorite cookies.


Coffee addict:

Single serve coffee brewerHamilton Beach single serve coffee brewer and full pot coffee maker
My daughter was over the moon when she received the gift of the coffee maker recently.  She loves her coffee! You can’t go wrong with this one, a best seller on Amazon, that has two ways to brew – a single cup or a full pot. One of the nice features about this affordable coffee maker is that it has a built-in programmable clock and timer – brew in advance and wake up to the smell of hot coffee!

Jewelry lover

necklacesYour daughter will love this set of 2 handmade necklaces – an initial necklace and hammered bar necklace These delicate, modern necklaces  can be mixed and matched and worn in different combinations. They are available in sterling silver, gold filled and rose gold filled.


Super Organised

mint desk setA super stacked desk set with accessory trays, a pen cup and signature ballpoint pens in a pretty mint green is a lovely gift for a college student.


A safe option

iTunes gift card

Apple iTunes card 100$  is always a welcome gift for young adults who can download games, music and much more.



5 Gifts under $100 for a son in his 20s


multi-purpose canvas backpackA multi-purpose canvas backpack is the ideal gift for your son. This large Vintage Canvas Backpack  can be used as a backpack/rucksack or satchel. It has a detachable shoulder strap that turns it easily from a backpack into a shoulder bag. It’s useful and spacious with many pockets, including a large main compartment with pouches and a padded divider. It’s suitable for carrying a tablet or smaller laptop.


Game geek


Klask combines the best parts of Foosball and Air Hockey and players must use the magnetic handle on the bottom of the board to control their playing piece on top of the board, and hit the ball into their opponent’s goal. There are tiny white magnets on the board too and if you get too close to one,  they attach to your playing piece. If two magnets attach to you, your opponent wins a point, and if you maneuver your playing piece into your own goal your opponent can snag a point again!


Fitness Freak

Garmin Fitbit Vivofit BandThe Garmin Vivofit Fitbit Band displays calories, distance, step count and time. It has a move reminder and a goal tracker. It can be worn 24/7 and is stylish and comfortable. It can stay on for more than a year without having to change the battery and it is water-resistant.


Batman fan

Batman logo folded art bookA Batman fan folded art book is perfect for anyone who loves Batman. This is a timeless and creative gift that is made by intricately folding back the pages of a hardback book.





Chess Player

chess set

Classic Wooden Chess Set
If your son enjoys a game of chess, he will treasure a set like this for a lifetime. Each of the 32 hand-polished pieces is crafted from rosewood or boxwood.


A safe option

A genuine leather wallet with plenty of options for storage with help your son to keep organized.

genuine leather wallet

I have heard of parents who take over car payments for their adult children, put down deposits on flats and pay for holidays – if they can afford to do so, these are wonderful ideas. However, many parents do not have the means to do this.  These gifts for under $100  will be appreciated for their practical value or because they’re fun. What unique ideas do you have for gifts for your adult children? I would love to hear your comments.


  1. The Simple Retiree

    That is a great list of gift ideas Erica. This is why I think gift cards have taken off so much these days. People are just sick of trying to choose gifts so they take the easiest way out. I also found it so much easier to shop for girls than it was for boys when my children were smaller. I don’t know why but their just seemed to be so much more choice especially for clothing.
    I like the chess set idea, my brother-in-law and I were just talking about how hard it was so find one he liked on the weekend, so there’s that. That Herb Garden idea is another great one that is suitable for anyone not just gardeners, home cooks would really appreciate it.
    Well done, thanks for this!

    1. Erica (Post author)

      Hi Peter,
      Thanks so much for your comments. I also find the girls easier to shop for than the boys, even the older ones! My son has always wanted a really nice chess set and I like the fact that the pieces of this one are made with wood.

  2. Carlos

    Great job, is quite hard create a list of gift options.
    Presents have always two sides. The one who has to buy something and who gets it.
    In my opinion, the hardest part is choose a gift and you come not with only one or two ideas, you made a list with 5 options for everyone.
    By the way, if the presents were for myself I’d love the coffee machine and the chess.

    1. Erica (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment Carlos. The trouble with making a list of 5 options is that I want to give them all to my kids and not have to choose one!

  3. Dara

    Another great gift idea is gifting somebody an Amazon Prime membership! It’s a good price point and they can enjoy all of the features for the entire year! Free movies, shows, books, music, photo storage, etc…

    1. Erica (Post author)

      Thanks Dara,
      This is an excellent idea – they would love to have all of those features for a whole year at a very acceptable price!


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